This is my fun & creative space where I get to share on All Things I Love To Talk About! You’ll find an overarching theme to all of my writings, and it’s How to have Healthy Relationship dynamics with everyone and every-thing in your life. It’s all about being a Magnetic Woman attracting the best ideas, love, men, money and clients To You in the easiest way possible.

9 months Alcohol Free

9 months Alcohol Free

I feel fabulous. I feel focused. I feel free.9 months sans alcohol! A new way of Being has been developing and taking shape these past 9 months.  Much like a baby is nourished in the womb, my heart and mind have been growing, evolving and elevating beyond what I could...

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I’m Shelley, a business woman, a mom and a certified coach with This Naked Mind, providing a new way to look at sustainable behavior change when it comes to controlling food and/or alcohol that is both understandable and achievable.




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