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3 Steps to Gaining Control Over Food & Alcohol Without Feeling Deprived

You really can go from feeling like you “need it” to being able to “take it or leave it.


Hey, I’m Shelley Money

And I’m helping women, just like YOU, to gain control over the voice in their head that keeps them stuck in a cycle with food or alcohol.

I tried to moderate my drinking for years and I didn’t realize that even tho I didn’t think I truly had a problem, I found myself wishing I could “take it or leave it.”

But the truth is I couldn’t – not like people who really can just take it or leave it. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just stop. I was high functioning and successful in every area of my life but I couldn’t gain control and be at peace with drinking or not drinking.

Most high-achieving women stuck in this cycle try and moderate how much and when they can have “the thing” which gives them an illusion of control for a short amount of time, whether it’s with alcohol or food (sugar, bread, treats, etc.).

Are you caught in the moderation trap?

If you’ve been trying to moderate for years unsuccessfully (i.e., if you’re always asking yourself if you’re going to eat sugar today or drink alcohol), then you’re caught in the moderation trap.

Another way to know if moderation doesn’t work for you is if you constantly find yourself in “decision fatigue” or a mental “tug-of-war” around food or alcohol. True “take it or leave it” people don’t even think about what they’re going to do ahead of time, and these are the people who can moderate.

There’s a tricky place where women appear successful on the outside and have it all together, but inside they know they need to get a handle on food or alcohol.

They don’t have a life-threatening issue, but their problem keeps them living life just under the radar, and they’re always somewhat focused on solving this problem.

I call this “Grey Area Living.”

It’s where your life as a whole is being affected, but no one on the outside can see it, and if you can change this ONE THING, everything else will change.

Helping women change this ONE THING and gain control over the voice that keeps them stuck in a cycle with food or alcohol is my area of expertise.

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3 Steps To Gaining Control Over Food & Alcohol Without Feeling Deprived

Success Stories

Are you ready to Thrive in life and business?

Shelley is the ultimate professional, bringing her passion for elevating women to their highest level to all! Her gift for sharing the information that she has gathered through her own life experience creates an authenticity in all of her programs. Don’t hesitate to delve into one (or all!) to help understand yourself and others on a deeper level.

Mary Pat Keith

Mary Kay Sales Director

I took the Elevate program with Shelley and I have to say it was very enlightening. Shelley has such a gift of connecting with others and delivering information that makes you feel empowered and knowledgeable as to why you react to life the way you do. She teaches business owners how to not feel overwhelmed and how to attract and work with the right clients and build strong relationships. I really enjoyed working with Shelley, she is an absolute gem!

Linnea Muller

Real Estate Agent & Mold Assessor


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